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Career Training and Placement for Homeless at The Haven      Charlottesville, Virginia
Let's Grow Now is celebrating four years of service to the Charlottesville/Albemarle area delivering high quality job coaching, career training and placement services free of charge to individuals in vocational crisis. My prescriptive skills program goes beyond the traditional application filing, resume and cover letters and works to improve self esteem, form good psychological habits and develop strong self marketing skills.

Salvation Army Job Club
I have partnered with Salvation Army to deliver services to individuals who are living at their shelter on 5th Street in Charlottesville. Guests meet with me every Thursday and receive coaching and lessons in my 20 classes to career success. I also go out in the community and talk to business owners and managers about club members to see if they will employ them.

LetsGrowNow.com/ Community Volunteer Job Coach Education
Imagine a wonderful group of individuals volunteering in their communities each with the expertise, confidence and professional support to find employment for those in vocational distress. Phi Sigma Pi, the UVA honor fraternity, linked up with LetsGrowNow for training and mentoring to achieve this goal.  Now throughout their lives these great people will be able to impart the gift of employment and the skill sets required for career success where ever they decide to volunteer.

New Project getting ready for 2016-2917
Letís Grow Now Industries
I am building a creative work environment whereby poverty level individuals work making gifts, promotional and employee award items. Through this employment individuals are exposed to or reminded of the great experience work can be. They improve self esteem and confidence, explore their creativity, develop soft skills (communication, time management, appropriate dress and emotion/stress management skills) and gain the other benefits of the workplace Ė including fun, social interaction and income. Look over the SymbolNation.com web site and make a purchase.to support employment and LetsGrowNow.