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Let's Grow Now   

The Free Achievement and Employment Program

Homeless individuals
People with Disabilities
Senior Citizens
People in Vocational Crises

Please contact me directly or get a referral from The Haven, PACEM, JABA,
Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services or The Salvation Army.

Find Work
Learn Something New
Become More Creative

If you want to get moving, let's team up and work together.

  I believe you become what you think about. What do you think about? I am looking for people who want to think about personal power, becoming happier and having fun doing it. Goals and the mini goals are the stepping stones to a great life. I can assist you in finding employment if that is the goal you choose. You might be interested in learning about something or sharing with me something you know about- that is an excellent goal too. If there is something you would like to create or build I will try to encourage and make this happen for you. Giving you the tools, knowledge and opportunities that you need to win in our society is my interest. Whether it is vocational assistance or information to help you release your creativity, Let's Grow Now is your answer. I am ready with an award winning program and 25 years of experience in motivating people and in developing the skills to get you moving in the right direction.  

Get Started Now

  This program is free to individuals Virginians in the Thomas Jefferson Planning District who can not afford the community college and do not qualify for state/federal sponsored career training programs.  

Program Features

  One on one time with a career consultant. Resumes, Cover letters and Self Marketing skills
     and more.
Resources for vocational placement.
Pre- GED instruction... Learn to read, write and use math with confidence
Support for your creative goals - Express yourself with art, music, etc.with the assistance of
     an expert in learning difficulties and education psychology.
Assistance with utilizing and expressing yourself through the use of computers.
Get help acquiring a tablet or  laptop computer so you can learn and communicate on the go
Charlottesville, VA 22902
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